Cremation history in Gotha


Another crematorium with a rich history, the Gotha crematorium is the oldest one in Germany and dates from 1878. Although not many cremations took place in the first years, this grew over the years since people were brought from all over Germany to be cremated here.

The columbarium  (in the middle section) is an intergarated part of the building, connecting the morgue building and the ceremonal building. The actual crematorium is located underneath the ceremonial building (on the right with chimney on the image).

The ashes of historic figures like Bertha von Suttner (Nobel price for peace for her effords in womens emancipation) are kept here.


  • Rudy SchreijndersReply

    Is this the crematorium where the Dutch Writer Multatuli (Eduard Douwes Dekker) was cremated in 1887?

    • architecture of ashesReply

      inderdaad! Dit was destijds het enig crematorium in Europa, na de crematie werd de as in eerste instantie bewaard door zijn vrouw Maria Hamminck Schepel

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