City of Berlin buys back the crematorium

From the TagesSpiegel. A lot of money was spend in building the Baumschulenweg Crematorium, the lease period is over and now the city plans to buy it. 

The crematorium Baumschulenweg , a palace of the German burial culture is (re)purchased by the City of Berlin prematurely. However, not until 2019 – even though it would be possible to acquire the crematorium designed by Axel Schultes architects this year for 23 million euros. Aquiring public buildings after their ‘write-off’ period is quite custom in Germany but buying the crematorium now is discouraged by finance minister Matthias Kollatz-Ahnen because spending a lot of (unscheduled) money is not a popular thing to do just before the election.

read the article in English through Google translate (excuse them for the grammar!)

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