Review: Architect’s Newspaper

In the Architect’s Newspaper James Way reviews Goodbye Architecture quite extensively and concludes:

“Part travel guide, history, and analysis, the book is a welcome addition to the limited study of funerary architecture.”

Long a taboo subject, death is becoming a hot topic in architecture. Not since the 1980s has a book devoted to architecture and death been published, and many merely examine historical temples, tombs, and rites.

Responding to an increase in cremation, Vincent Valentijn and Kim Verhoeven have authored Goodbye Architecture: The Architecture of Crematoria in Europe, a book collecting Europe’s finer examples of architecture that does indeed burn.

Read the full article here.

big in Japan

Sorry but we always loved the song by Alphaville. This instagram message is like a puzzle to us.

It seems someone was visiting an exhibition of the famous Tadoa Ando (we personally love his work) at GA Gallery in Tokyo (?) and bought the Goodbye Architecture book in the bookstore  .. and (this is the only thing for sure) posted about it.

Or it might be less romantic and just be a ‘new in store’ announcement of the bookstore  – Any way it is, we are honoured to have our books on store in Tokyo.

visit the GA Gallery bookstore yourself if you are in Tokyo city.

review & winner | NEMO – Science Newsbulletin

NEMO kennislink (science link) spreads the news on science in order to spread, interest and involve the general public to science. We were very surprised to get a review from the scientific community since architectural research is generally not considered very scientifical.. though we set out to be objective and as straight forward as possible, we are honored that our scientific approach has been able to cross the border of general architectural vagueness and enter the realm of science.

The online magazine had decided to nominate our book for ‘best science book to read during your summer holiday’. Competing with some great books which we actually wanted to read we ended at the top of this friendly readers list 😉 thank you!

read the full review (in Dutch) lees de volledige review hier.

De leesclub van alles, Review

Robert Visscher schreef de recensie: “De architectuur van het afscheid”

Twee architecten onderzochten 26 crematoria in Europa en schreven er een verrassend veelzijdig boek over. Ze nemen de lezer mee langs gebouwen die op een bruidstaart lijken en onder de grond zitten verstopt.

Het is het gebouw van het laatste afscheid: het crematorium. Een plek van verdriet en misschien ook wel om het leven nog een keer te vieren ter ere van de overledene. Hoe geef je als architect zo’n gebouw vorm? Daar gingen Kim Verhoeven en Vincent Valentijn naar op zoek. Ze reisden kriskras door Europa langs crematoria in onder meer Frankrijk, Zwitserland, Scandinavië en Tsjechië en schreven er het boek Goodbye Architecture over.

lees de rest van de review hier.

Review @

Filip Canfyn schreef voor platform Architectura BE een zeer lovende recensie over ons boek.

Vijf jaar onderzoek levert een buitengewoon interessant en relevant boek op over eigenlijk een nicheproduct, over crematoria. Zeer systematisch wordt de vraag beantwoord wat architectuur kan betekenen voor deze confronterende bouwopgave. Zo wordt zeer open en breed nagedacht over een blijkbaar nog altijd moeilijk onderwerp.

lees hier de rest van de recensie

Crematoria Event for professionals in Norway

At the 2018 “Fagdager for krematorier” in Bergen, Vincent lectured on ‘what it takes to build a modern crematorium’.

Of course there are no simple answers to this but (as you can read in the book) there is a lot we can learn by looking into the wide range of architectural answers across Europe to the quest for suitable ‘cremation spaces’. Vincent did not just talk about the book but what can be learnt from it for professionals and designers.

The lecture was well received and as some of the people attending the event and the lecture stated ‘there is more than enough material to create a second book’. Though we think it will not be published.. anyone interested in architecture for crematoria can contact us for advice, lectures or anything else – just contact us.

Goodbye Architecture, featured in FLAUNT

the legendary LA based FLAUNT magazine featured our book in its most recent Double Standard issue (162). We were lucky to get a cover featuring a self-portrait of Ai Wei Wei.

Editor of FLAUNT Sid Feddema wrote the article:

We humans are many things, but humble isn’t one of them. Even in death we demand acknowledgement of our importance, despite the fact that we won’t be there to enjoy it. This vanity doesn’t come cheap, either. The funeral industry is an estimated $20.7-billion per year business in the U.S. alone, and the average funeral will cost either the dead or their families 8-10k. Maybe that money would be better spent on a vacation while you’re still kicking? There’s also the environmental toll: each year more than 800,000 gallons of toxic formaldehyde enter the ground during burial services in the U.S., and the space, water, and fertilizer required to keep the grounds green only add to the problem.

But trends are changing. Cremation is an increasingly popular option, and it offers a cheaper, cleaner way to pay tribute to our dearly departed. It’s a humbler move than, say, building a pyramid 
to commemorate your greatness, but that doesn’t mean we’re willing to completely give up the grandeur. Increasingly, the crematoriums themselves have become temples in their own right: grand, beautiful, architecturally ambitious spaces that offer a place to reflect and pay tribute to lost loved ones. Goodbye Architecture: The Architecture of Crematoria in Europe, a new book from NAI010 publishers, presents a gorgeous survey of this emerging phenomenon, offering a photographic tour of some of Europe’s most remarkable crematoriums along with extensive illustrations and analysis.

read the full article here (or order the magazine)

Available worldwide

After launching both the English and the Dutch language editions the book is now available world wide through all your favourite internet bookstores.

The Dutch and English editions can be found and previewed in real life at Art & Architecture bookstores – for example at Architectura & Natura (Amsterdam) and NaiBooksellers (Rotterdam) at the Dutch Architecture Institute.

The book is distributed to stores worldwide by ideaBooks so you can ask for a copy at any bookstore in your town and they can get it for you – also many libraries will have it in store or can make it available for you.

amazing Gävle crematorium

Last week we were visiting the crematorium in Gävle Sweden.

We were very kindly received by Linda Gavell whom is in charge of the daily operations. It was very interesting to hear how this crematorium was once conceived by a group of recently graduated architects, it is almost unimaginable since the building looks and feels like the culmination of an oeuvre.
The unusual layout works like a charm an though the building is rather large and open to its surroundings, it feels simple, warm and intimate at all times.

A visit well worth wild.